Netherland iptv m3u playlist 12-02-2019 Free iptv links

Today we are providing you some channels of Netherland daily m3u playlist with premium channels in SD and HD quality. All the lists are m3u files, you can easily open with any player and watch your favourite channels for free. IPTV streams are 100% working and they are tested by our team, if any of the links are not playing it might be because of weak internet or may be the list has been expired.
In order to get best & high performances we suggest you to install VLC Media Player on your system or VLC mobile app to get best quality of your favourite channels on your computer, laptop or mobile phone. The Iptv m3u links which are provided by us can be easily opened through PC, Smartphones, Laptops, Android Boxes and Mag Boxes. If then iptv m3u playlist which you have downloaded gets automatically skip then please press the Loop button on VLC.

Steps to Download & Play iptv m3u playlist in VLC player

Step 1: Download Netherland iptv m3u playlist File and Copy the downloaded M3U Playlist URL

First, download the full complete Netherland iptv m3u playlist and open the list. Choose any one iptv M3U playlist URL and copy it there. The downloaded iptv M3U playlist can be opened with any of the text editor since the files are text based only.

Step 2: Import M3U URL to VLC

Open VLC player on your computer or laptop then click on “Open Network Stream” which is available under the media button and then a new window will pop up. Now choose “Network” menu and then paste your iptv M3U playlist URL into the box provided. Finally, click on “play” to play downloaded iptv M3U playlist.

Alternative easier way: You can also just drag and drop the full downloaded iptv m3u playlist file into the player, then all the channels will be automatically played. In this method you don’t need to manually do anything

Warning Note: Playing downloaded Netherland iptv M3U playlist in this way always require a stable internet network and the viewing experience depends on your Internet connection speed.

How to Play iptv M3U Playlist with iTunes

iTunes can also be used to play downloaded Netherland M3U files. You can simply import the downloaded Portugal iptv m3u playlist files directly to iTunes. This is the popular way to start the audio playback through streaming media. It will take some time to start loading if your internet connection speed is slow. Now, let’s see how to play iptv M3U playlist in iTunes. For example lets take as an example.

Step 1: Open iTunes and click on “Open Stream” under the File menu.

Step 2: Copy the downloaded M3U audio URL and paste it into the pop window.

Step 3: Play the audio in the “Internet Songs” section of library.

Once you open the downloaded Netherland iptv m3u playlist in iTunes, even if M3U is a type of  podcast or not music, they will be categorized in the “Internet Songs” section.
However, if we directly save M3U files into iTunes, we must ensure that the network is unblocked, because once the network is disconnected or the server is out of reach, then it won’t be available when we access the audio.

Download List manually
Link :


#EXTINF:-1,NL | NPO 1 4K+
#EXTINF:-1,NL | NPO 2 4K+
#EXTINF:-1,NL | NPO 3 4K+
#EXTINF:-1,NL | NPO Politiek
#EXTINF:-1,NL | SBS 6 4K+
#EXTINF:-1,NL | SBS 9 4K+
#EXTINF:-1,NL | RTL 4 4K+
#EXTINF:-1,NL | RTL 5 4K+
#EXTINF:-1,NL | RTL 7 4K+
#EXTINF:-1,NL | RTL Crime
#EXTINF:-1,NL | RTL Lounge
#EXTINF:-1,NL | 24 Kitchen
#EXTINF:-1,NL | Baby TV
#EXTINF:-1,NL | Spike 4K+
#EXTINF:-1,NL | Boomerang
#EXTINF:-1,NL | Veronica / Disney XD
#EXTINF:-1,NL | Disney Channel
#EXTINF:-1,NL | Disney JR
#EXTINF:-1,NL | Nickelodeon
#EXTINF:-1,NL | Cartoon Network
#EXTINF:-1,NL | Comedy Central
#EXTINF:-1,NL | Comedy Central Extra
#EXTINF:-1,NL | ViceLand
#EXTINF:-1,NL | Fox tv
#EXTINF:-1,NL | JimJam
#EXTINF:-1,NL | MerweTV
#EXTINF:-1,NL | Nat Geo Wild
#EXTINF:-1,NL | National Geographic HD
#EXTINF:-1,NL | Film 1 Action
#EXTINF:-1,NL | Film1 Premiere HD
#EXTINF:-1,NL | Film1 Premiere HD 1080P
#EXTINF:-1,NL | Eurosport 1
#EXTINF:-1,NL | Fox Sports 1 (backup)
#EXTINF:-1,NL | Fox Sports 1 4K+
#EXTINF:-1,NL | Fox Sports 2
#EXTINF:-1,NL | Fox Sports 3
#EXTINF:-1,NL | Fox Sports 4
#EXTINF:-1,NL | Fox Sports 5
#EXTINF:-1,NL | Ziggo Sport Select 4K+
#EXTINF:-1,NL | Sport 1 Golf
#EXTINF:-1,NL | Sport 1 Racing
#EXTINF:-1,NL | Sport 1 Voetbal
#EXTINF:-1,NL | Den Haag TV
#EXTINF:-1,NL | Omroep Brabant
#EXTINF:-1,NL | Omroep West
#EXTINF:-1,NL | Omroep Zeeland
#EXTINF:-1,NL | Omrop Fryslân TV
#EXTINF:-1,NL | RTV Dordrecht
#EXTINF:-1,NL | Rtv Drenthe
#EXTINF:-1,NL | RTV Slingeland
#EXTINF:-1,NL | RTV Totaal
#EXTINF:-1,NL | Salto 1
#EXTINF:-1,NL | Salto 2
#EXTINF:-1,NL | NPO 1 [radio]
#EXTINF:-1,NL | NPO 2 [radio]
#EXTINF:-1,NL | NPO 3 [radio]
#EXTINF:-1,NL | NPO 4 [radio]
#EXTINF:-1,NL | Sky 101 FM [radio]
#EXTINF:-1,NL | Slam FM [radio]
#EXTINF:-1,NL | Veronica [radio]
#EXTINF:-1,NL | %100 [radio]
#EXTINF:-1,NL | 538 [radio]
#EXTINF:-1,NL | Wos Tv

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